Friday, October 21, 2011

First Post... and the baby is napping, so I have to make it quick!

Well, my daughter is three months old, and this is the first post I am making on my "FTM" blog.  So that should give you some indication about what the first months have been like!  It has been the most amazing three months of my life and the most challenging.  From the sleep deprivation, to the explosive poop, or realizing that my daughter is just like me in so many ways (and boy are my parents happy about that); I just can't believe that my husband and I thought we were living a life before our little addition.  Really.  I can't believe that I woke up and actually went through the day without her, because I can't imagine that now.

That being said, not all days are daffodils and roses.  There are some days that begin with a scream and end with mommy falling asleep in her clothes from sheer exhaustion.  It is not so much taking care of a little one that tries you, it is taking care of everything else and a little one that tries you.  For example, I never thought I would celebrate the moment I figured out how to go to the bathroom and not have my daughter crying in her crib.  I celebrated it!  (By the way, in case your wondering, the vibrating chair lives in the bathroom.  My daughter loves it and will sit perfectly content in it until I am done showering or peeing or brushing my teeth).

But with every success, there are still hurdles.  I cut my hair (my long long long hair, that needed to be cut, but I should have waited until the postpartum hormones were gone to do so), about six weeks after she was born.  I hated it.  The haircut was great, but I was having haircut remorse.  Silly mommy!  Why lament about something you don't use?  Seriously, the last time I actually had a chance to "do" my hair was the day of her christening.  Otherwise, I am officially a member of the ponytail patrol.

I must run for today because my daughter calls-- and frankly I miss her when she naps!  I guess the gist of my first post as a "first time mom" is that parenting is in one word..... humbling.  Gone are the days that I sat in judgement at the DINK table (double income no kids), and here is to a future of spit-up and those precious smiles that you would gladly cut your hair off for again and again.  (O'Henry knew what he was talking about!)

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