Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well, it has been AWHILE.....

My last blog post was in February, and for many reasons, I have not blogged since then.

In March, I began IVF treatments again and surprise! It worked on the first round this time. Our family is now adding two- yes two more to the flock!

This pregnancy has been so different than my first- but just in speed. Everything seems to be going faster and happening sooner than with Addie. I am experiencing much more pressure, back, hip, and crotch discomfort. I am also finding that standing for long periods of time is difficult even now. But ironically, even though I am carrying twins, I have gained about ten pounds less than I did with Addie at this point. I still look bigger- go figure- and the babies are healthy!

I go every three weeks for an ultrasound and check up. This will become more frequent soon. And I have high hopes that we will know both sexes in about a week!

Other personal and family matters have kept from blogging and writing, but I am hoping we are turning over a new shamrock and am ready for some great luck! I have to return to my teaching position in a couple of weeks. I am very unhappy about this for so many reasons. I never thought I would ever dread returning to work because I have always wanted to teach. But after spending a year home with Adelaide and experiencing some awful changes at work, I realized that I still may love to teach, but I do not love what is going on with my job. Without venting too much, I have had the worst experience with my job while on leave. After working in my district for ten years, I know I am not valued or respected. I know many people who read this may think: that is business lady. But education is not a business. That is the characteristic that drew me and passionate people like me into the field.

Education is about people, reflecting, collegiality, adapting, and caring. These qualities make the job demanding, ceaseless, tiring, and oh so rewarding. But unfortunately, that is not how I can describe my job any more. I am saddened, angry, and hurt. Luckily, I will only be back for six weeks at the most. The twins and my sanity and happiness come first.

Enough about that topic. Back to the first time mom talk!

I cannot believe that I will be able to be mom again. Addie will be a BIG sister. And I will have three babies under TWO.

Sometimes, I wonder how will I do it? Especially at three in the morning when Addie wakes up (that is my next blog).. I have hope I won't make the rookie mistakes with twins, but I know I will make a whole slew of mistakes as a mom of multiples. The only thing we all can wish is to have happy, healthy children who know they are loved.

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