Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"I showered for you"

I never thought that showering would be an event, let alone showering and doing my makeup and hair AND still have my makeup and hair done by the time my husband makes it home by seven. It makes me wonder...

I was watching Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and their beaus the other day, and I couldn't help my surprise at the lack of spark between Kourtney and Scott. Now, I am well aware that it is a reality show and not reality, but Kourtney and Scott face something that I realize many couples with children have. Kourtney put her son
Mason in the nĂºmero uno spot- and that meant she no longer shared a bed with her beau Scott and was in full time mommy mode. They stopped acting like a couple and were parents.

This leads to my night tonight: I am walking down the stairs with the baby, showered, hair all pretty (and newly dyed), and my makeup done (in my pajamas by the way! So sexy). My husband walked behind us, and I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and said in a accusatory tone, "I showered for you!" I had a smile on my face, but I was a little upset that I wasn't pawed as soon as he entered the front door or greeted with comments such as, "There is the hottest woman I know!". Then my jovial/ slightly serious attitude towards my husband was replaced by horror at myself. When did I ever want a medal for showering? Seriously? It is something I have done religiously since I hit puberty, so why should I be honored?

I guess the lesson I learned tonight is I have to try too. Though I may be in full mommy mode, and I am tired from the day or completely obsessed with the new skill Addie has mastered (like today she has learned to scream angrily - I love it!), I am still a partner to my hubby. And when I want a medal because I showered for him today, I need to remember: he showered for me AND brushed his teeth before slipping me the tongue this morning! Haha!

I am learning that I have to find yet another balance in life. I have to be more like Jerry Seinfeld in the episode where George and Elaine become one another metaphorically, but Jerry learns he will always break even. I don't always have to be the same minx I once was ;) but I don't have to be Donna Reed all the time either.

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