Monday, January 9, 2012

Out to Lunch

So this weekend, my husband and I met up with another couple for lunch. We were very excited because it was the first time we were meeting our friend's girlfriend. After having Addie, we have fell out of the social scene. So though the couple has been dating for six months, this is the first time meeting his girlfriend. It was a nice outing: she was wonderful, the food was good, and for early January, the weather was May-like. But I noticed something- a very subtle weird feeling at the table. The conversation didn't lag, but there were a couple of times when breast milk and poopy diapers were the topic of conversation. I think I realized what the oddity was when my husband checked out another (yes another) stroller on the sidewalk. Our friends laughed because we had become "those people" that our friend used to complain about. "Park Slope Parents" he called them. They were the people walking around Park Slope Brooklyn like they owned the place. But the truth is, they are like many new parents, myself included, that are completely and so totally enamored and in love with their child that they don't always know or care about the rest of the world. Seriously.
My husband and I didn't utter a sentence that day that did not gravitate around Adelaide. The other couple is not married and didn't have children. I felt a little bad, but she is our world. And I am not just referring to the joy that she brings, but the simple fact that I am her mommy. She needs us. When you are finally granted that responsibility, you can't help but be consumed by it. And it brings amazing joy, fear, and anxiety. Trust me, there are some nights that I am crying alongside of Adelaide. Just two weeks ago he received shots, had a cold, and was teething. Sleeping was a thing of the past. So was taking anything medicinal successfully or letting me use the booger sucker to help her feel better. Parenting isn't easy, buy it is better than anything I have ever done before.
So while I thought about the lunch and how happy I was that our friend had found a great girl, I stopped feeling so guilty about all the baby talk. Addie is our passion, just like art or wine is someone else's. In the future, I will give people fair warning: of you don't want to hear about all things baby and all things Addie, then see ya! Ha!

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